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WMA or which ever one you want to replace. I’m giving an explanation with the simple example. Adding apps to the Start screen When you are in the long applications list on your phone pressing on an icon and holding brings up a contextual menu that gives you a series of options, one of which is “pin to start”. Once you have copied it to your phone, you need to install TouchExplorer It may or may not work with later versions. Can someone merge this into that thread instead of having multiple threads?

wp7 3mktplace v0.5

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There is also another software that does the same as this, both are by different devs.

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Head on over to the site for more info about an application that allows you to quickly and easily add text to your lockscreen wallpaper http: This is what you will need to connect from torrent buddy Select the check box and enter the port you chose for port forwarding. Don’t try it if you don’t know that what you will going to try. I’ve tried and works well. Mazoocard is a simple and fun memory match game you can play by yourself or with your family and friends.

This beautifully designed matching game requires player to 3mktplaace and match pairs of cards.

Head over to the menu list and press down on the app in question until you get the contextual menu. Keep pressing the back button will go further more back! I’m not responsible for any damage or issue. How to change the theme If you’ve got your Windows Phone 7 phone from Vodafone the theme is going to be all red, O2 is dishing out blue themes and 3mktplxce, orange ones.


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Then install the XAP the same way as you do with any other. Check out this sexy romantic song from the.

wp7 3mktplace v0.5

Important thing is that app run’s with the reserved capabilies of the targeted directory. Its simple – dwnld NBToolFixed file from this – http: Last Updated Monday, 10 January You wil see that the battery level on top has been changed!

I think it’s a free app.

Colossus the forbin project Eric Braeden in Colossus: Try it and tell me your thoughts! Additional framerate improvements and better touch input And there seems to be some confusion how the emulator works. WP7 Marketplace Enabler v1.

Joe Belfiore, who oversees Windows Phone Program Management, and is responsible for the design and software product definition of forthcoming generations of Windows phones will keynote MIX11 this year. Windows Phone Device Manager detects when the phone is connected or disconnected, if you don’t have a registered developer device it can automatically unlock your phone, so you don’t need ChevronWP7 anymore.



Replaced the “Glance Background Beta” content with my. Zip on over to the 3mmtplace list, select Settings, and then Theme. I’m giving an explanation with the simple example. If you want it to be elsewhere, press and hold on the tile in question and then you are free to move it up and down and rearrange your tiles to best suit your needs.

wp7 3mktplace v0.5

Just Hold your finger on the screen and a window will pop up Last v0.55 by shagadelic99tt on Wed Jan 19, 2: New in version 1. Added profile MMS 8.

Download pcsp v0 5 4

I am nothing to do with this app It just taken me ages to get it set up so thought I would help in case anyone else needed it OK so I thought I would write up a little tutorial on how to set this app up, as the only info i could find was on this site the creates of the app OK so I found the easiest way of doing this guys was like this my pc is connected via wifi 1.

Now copy the content of your own deployed package and paste it to there. Select uninstall and you’re done.