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Reply to this topic Saturday, April 2, You can also run cscript ZTIGather. Before you do the sysprep and capture task take a snapshot on the virtual machine. I did use a nasty hack, now it should be all good. If the path to the data file or the search key contain spaces, you will need to wrap them in quotes. No, create an account now.

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Posted April 18, I did use a nasty hack, now it should be all good.

At one time I left the sysprep over wxname.exe and in the morning it was still working with sysprep. Hello everyone, I am starting a new image on a Windows 7 machine, I used to use compname. What’s New In This Version? Yes, it is the LTIGather. Writes the new name to a text file for use in a Unattended or SysPrep build process. It appears the WMI provider is not available at this time. During deployment — before partition x: Next I deploy Windows 7 to my computers and let them join the domain.

Wname.exe names have slightly looser naming rules but since we would normally want computer and host name to be the same, Windoss uses the most restrictive. Sets Computer Description to specified string, enclose in quotes if the string contains spaces.


Thanks to Travers van Lierop 2. Take a look at Johan Arwidmarks solution on http: If you don’t specify identifiers wsname will use “D” and “L”.

Windows 7 Generate name Based on Serial number

Using the Unattend Option. Updates computer name without intervention, no dialogue is shown This command switch supports the following variables:.

Added additional logic to string truncation routines to correct operation when specifying the same variable twice for Puhn. I’ll try to describe it a bit here too. Mar 5, at 9: You could create a simple text file using script and have the workstations add themselves, but the problem with using text files is that if two or more computers try to update it at the same time you will lose data.

Delete function still wasn’t working as expected, problem only occurred when the user was logged in locally, added additional logic to fix this. Log in or Sign up. Posted March 31, I did use a nasty hack, now it should be all good 2. Marked as answer by B. Fixed error in RenameComputer function where name matching was failing to to differing cases – thanks to Ivan Sears for pointing this one out. Added additional variables dateadded ability to truncate strings by whole word – was just by character length.


wsname – mystuff

Sindows matching check searches for the given string in the adapters description. There are a lot of ways to do it. Since we’re a laptop campus, it’s just a little easier to track down a laptop when we know the MAC address.

Find and copy customsettings.

Win7 Sysprep (renaming pc to serial number)

If I put the computer name in the customsettings. Posted May 2, Sign in to vote. This option requires access to the domain so a User ID and Password is required. Added some extra logic to ignore Wireless adapters when using the MAC address.