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Data type of the formal parameter [ a ]. This meta-data model identifies commonly used entities within a process definition, their relationships and attributes. Inherited from Model Definition. Transitions are more than just link between activities. Generally, any process comprises a number of steps, which lead towards the overall goal. You can view the whole graph of the selected process or activity set, graphical tree overview of the current package and all of its referenced external packages, and XPDL text view of the selected elements.

xpdl editor

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They are typically used to maintain decision data used in conditions or reference data values parameterswhich are passed between activities or sub-processes. Click to load comments. Working Time O Describes the amount of time the performer of the activity needs to perform the task time estimation working time is needed for analysis purposes and is provided by the evaluation of runtime parameters in units of DurationUnit.

The following pictures show how these attributes can be defined. Other fields in properties dialog box are equal to those explained for atomic activity.

xpdl editor

Vendor M Defines the origin of this package definition and contains vendor’s name, vendor’s product name and product’s release number. The only standards-based alternative for serialization has been XPDL2.


xpdl editor

This was still true of the last approved version, BPMN1. After that, participants corresponding to these entries will be created. Interface 1 was for defining the business process, which includes two aspects: After that, a following window will arise:. Repository holds the various entity types comprising the process definition.

Is Array O Indicates if it is an array. Inherited from Model Definition. It implements a whole new workflow process.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Start mode O Describes how the execution of an Activity is triggered. Name M Text used to identify an application may be interpreted as a generic name of the tool. These attributes can be divided in few logical parts:.

Description O Xpl textual description of the Transition. Process definition within the subflow is entirely independent from the first one where subflow activity resides.

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It proceeds from the Block Activity execution to the first activity edltor the set, and continues within the set until it reaches an exit activity an activity with no output transitions. Such activity will be written into XPDL with its performer field value equal to the one you entered, or if you didn’t enter anything – activity will not have a performer element written in XPDL.


Here is a list of possible participant types:. But, there are some differences in presentation of those participants. This Version O This is the version of the scripting language. The conformance class declaration allows description of the conformance class to which the definitions in this package definition are restricted to.

The connection with the Organisational Model is used in Activity Definition performer of an activity and in the Process Definition responsible of a process.

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This means that when creating graphs, JaWE warns you if the graph conformance is satisfied. Grammar O This is a reference to a document that specifies the grammar of the language.

xpdl editor

For this reason, XPDL is not an executable programming language like BPEL, edtor specifically a process design format that literally represents the “drawing” of the process definition. Country code based on ISO Invocation Parameters O Parameters that are interchanged with the application via the invocation interface.

It provides graphical representation of Workflow Process entities – Activities and Transitions. Every package has some attributes.